Usmania Helping Hands Society (UHHS) believes strongly in. People’s power and their inherent capacity to grow, sharing of resource good information, technology and services. Our Mission is to Empower poor communities by providing them food, shelter, Education, healthcare and job oriented training.

  • To work on the economic and social problems of the poor and disadvantage people particularly women by helping to bring them in to existence groups and organization.
  • To conduct continuing functional liberating, education program particularly for the under privileged sections of society.
  • To highlight problems, concerns and need of the poor to work for conservation, environment enrichment and to protect the environment and spread environment awareness.
  • To work for social justice, legal aid, legal awareness and enlistments of the deprived section of the society.
  • To make the people aware and to bring out consciousness among them through the preparation of paralegal workers.
  • To mobilize people to ask for their right, both through legal and through human considerations.