Usmania Helping Hands Society(UHHS) is a multi dimensional non profit organization, registered under societies Registration Act 1860 .

UHHS is deeply engage in food distribution, Education, Livelihood and Training, Counselling and Legal aid. The main objective is to The main aim is to empower poor communities.The purpose of UHHS is designed to improve, benefit, or uplift the society concern or issues to relief the social evils, improvement in the legal system, and promote education, human rights, health, employment, and hunger.

While poverty is a major concern. People are struggling for the basic requirements of life – food, shelter, and clothing. However, India has experienced a rapid growth in the socio-economic sphere over last few decades that have brought the country out of the poverty, which has shot up the increased literacy rate and thus, people have got a better access to the education institutions.

Though the poverty is rather quite subjective, it can be largely defined as the failure to secure even the least requirements of life. UHHS is playing a crucial role in cutting down the extent of the poverty in its respective work area.