Usmania Helping Hands Society was formed with an aim to empower Poor Communities. All our Programs are designed to improve, benefit, or uplift the society concern or issues to relief the social evils, improvement the legal system, and promote education, women rights, health, employment, and Social Justice.

People are struggling for the basic requirements of life – food, shelter, and clothing. However, India has experienced a rapid growth in the socio-economic sphere over last few decades that have brought the country out of the poverty, which has shot up the increased literacy rate and thus, people have got a better access to the education institutions. However, in terms of demography and area, some parts of the country are still struggling to meet the basic needs like education, shelter, health, food, and cloth. Though poverty is rather quite subjective, it can be largely defined as the failure to secure even the least requirements of life.

Even Working With limited resources, Usmania Helping Hands Society has tried to deliver its best to deserving communities. We are always looking for Your valued support to keep continue our charity programs.

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